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Bible-related Reflection  Studies, webinars & essays from a groundbreaking biblical scholar.  Full text of John Fairfield’s The Healer Messiah, highly recommended.  Ted Grimsrud’s writings on the Bible, pacifism and ethical themes.  Mennonite pastor Meghan Good blogs on biblical texts.  Lectures, sermons and articles from Anglican Bishop N.T. Wright. Author and theologian Peter Enns blogs on the Bible.  Theological writings, accounts and reflections amid oppression. 

Nurturing Alternative Political Communities  Resources from Ched Myers and friends to spark/strengthen vision and commitment.  A daily blog that chronicles and animates “Movement” Christianity.  Nekeisha Alexis and friends on the intersection of Jesus and anarchism.  A daily blog on faith, culture and politics authored by a proponent of "the Benedict Option," journalist Rod Dreher.

Faith-Shaped Perspectives on Public Issues  Shane Claiborne and friends relate the way of Jesus to U.S. events.  Austin Channing Brown blogs on racial justice and reconciliation.  Richard Beck blogs on faith, life and counter-culture living.   Mel Lehman builds understanding, respect and                friendship with the Arab and Muslim world.

Emerging Ecological Crisis Articles by journalist Naomi Klein on the environment and the empire. Writers and artists seeking an honest cultural response to a collapsing world.  An activism-oriented site committed to building a global climate movement.

Reporting and Political Commentary on Current Events  Daily video-news covering domestic and global issues. News through Mnar Muhawesh’s social justice & human rights lens.  Robert Parry’s web-based investigative news magazine.  News and commentary about U.S. militarism from a libertarian perspective.     News and commentary that highlight official Russian perspectives.  Anti-imperialist commentary on political events from an African-American perspective; Glen Ford is the editor.

Commentary Highly Critical of the Empire and the Imperial Worldview Author and historian Blum’s Anti-Empire Report offers commentary on U.S. foreign policy.  Tom Engelhardt and friends connect global dots of this imperial world.  James Corbett’s podcast-interviews using “open source intelligence.”  Multi-voiced, wide-ranging research and analysis on global events.

Resistance to War-making  An activism-oriented site committed to change in U.S. foreign policy.  An activism-oriented site committed to organizing opposition to acts
of war.  Discussion focused on war tax resistance as a witness against war.