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Denying Ourselves Empire?

by Berry Friesen (March 24, 2017)

Where do we start?

Seven years ago, as part of my personal observance of Lent, I wrote a bit of verse, which I share below.

It is in keeping with the season, a time when we Jesus-followers are called to examine ourselves and turn from whatever stands in the way of faithfulness to his way.

And yes, it is a place to start.

Giving Up Empire for Lent

Play music in the morning
   quiet NPR for a change.
Enough of their turning the awful
   into reasonable-sounding things.

That New York Times on the newsstand?
   Let it lie ‘til it’s yellow with age!
They provoked the Iraq invasion
   now it’s Iran we’re supposed to hate.

The suits on the evening news
   reporting what “an anonymous source” said?
It’s just another inside player
   dealing both sides of the game.

Let it all go ‘til Easter
   part of the purge and cleansing we need
   if we’re to tell truth from fiction.
If we’re ever to believe.