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Greater Duty

by John K. Stoner  (July 10, 2017)

We interrupt this program to sound an alarm. 

Have you been hearing Trump’s scare language about North Korea, and Iran?  He and the war hawks are trying to condition us for another regime-change war or two, in the name of saving some country—like we destroyed Iraq to save it.

In my own experience I’ve seen too many international crises and wars initiated in the month of August.  I don’t know why, maybe because people are on vacation and away from the normal relationships and structures which would give them most ready access to acts of protest.  I’ve seen some evidence for the August theory online, e.g.  In any case, I’m urging readers to pay more than usual attention to the warmongers and their talk in the next month.  

The public action which I recommend to challenge the heartless and mindless imposters who claim to run this country is UNIVERSAL WORK STOPPAGE.  Just stay home from work, tell everybody why you’re doing it, and urge them to do it.  To the extent we can plan ahead for this, plan for August 9.  And as a serious engagement of the church in this, let’s call August 6 “Peace Churches Stop War Sunday.”  

For this, a simple slogan and plan: “STOP TRAFFIC TO STOP WAR.”

On Sunday August 6, Hiroshima Day, every peace-loving church in America walks out of its sanctuary into the nearest public thoroughfare and stops traffic with the message STOP TRAFFIC TO STOP WAR!  We’ve had enough, we’ve had too much.  No more wars started by USA!  
As a public action, “Stop Traffic to Stop War” would risk arrest, but not necessarily evoke arrest.  As such, it invites discussion of civil disobedience and the law.  Thus, let us plan to give our churches and the press this proposition for consideration:

If the law and law enforcement in this country have a greater duty to arrest protesting citizens than to stop war and nuclear war, we are going to make that duty of the law very public and very visible. 

We need a public discussion of “greater duty” in this country.  I put these ideas forward this morning to test them.  I consider the readership of this blog a small audience, appropriate for testing an idea.  Please write a comment, or call me at 717 803-6020.

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