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John Dear--Teacher of Nonviolence

by John K. Stoner (January 12, 2018)

    We have all heard people say, “I don’t know who to trust, the media is so unreliable.”  And that is a serious problem.  But I wonder, are all of the people who are saying this making a serious effort to find reliable voices?  I don’t see the evidence that they are.

This has set me on a course to use some blog entries here to share with readers some of the voices I have found reliable over the years

Last blog I shared John Dear’s essay “The Year of Nonviolence or Nonexistence.”  John is in the Roman Catholic tradition, which has a mixed record on the embrace of Jesus message of nonviolent  resistance to empire—actually more dark than light over the centuries.  And the Jesuit Order to which John belonged for years saw fit to make his life so uncomfortable that he left it a few years ago.  But John has remained firm in his witness.  Here you can learn more about that. Breaking Ranks 

As a teacher and educator, John has written many books and articles.  He now works with Pace et Bene (Peace and all good).  You can educate yourself and help others understand the power of nonviolence by reading his writings.  And learn about the nonviolence workshops taught around the country—these are a strong alternative to the apathy and despair into which people sink when they do nothing to act on their sense that something better must be done for our world.  See John’s books and workshops here

John Dear, a reliable voice. 

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