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Communities of "What?"

John K. Stoner (January 22, 2015)

Our book title ends with a question mark.  To find an alternative to empire is our task--one, we think, worthy of the time and energy, creativity and skill of humanity.   Throughout the book we highlight many descriptions and scenes of communities which are living out a better way than empire. 

In the last chapter we say "Yes, this community seeks to be powerful, not only kind and loving. It is comfortable with the language of power, but it is convinced that the way empires understand and use power is destroying Earth and its inhabitants. So it seeks a different kind of power, the power of people acting in myriad contexts out of a shared faith, worldview and commitment" (p. 336).

The communities which formed around the story of Jesus had seen in that man a courageous confrontation with the power of empire, both political and religious.  In 2000 years there have been horrendous distortions of the first communities which embodied the vision of Jesus.  But unless one thinks that the counterfeit discredits the real, communities which are not destroying the earth and its inhabitants have a continuing attraction.  They are powerful actually by being kind and loving.

"…convinced that the way empires understand and use power is destroying Earth and its inhabitants."   Food for though and action.

Readers of this book may be seeking communities committed to saving the earth rather than destroying it.  Obviously, we need to help each other find such communities.  Click the "contact form" to the right and tell us about your community or your search for one.