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Why Is the Most Christian Nation the Biggest Empire?

(John K. Stoner, January 14, 2015)

People ask Berry and me why we wrote IF NOT EMPIRE, WHAT?  Is this book needed? Who wants to read it?

Taking the last question first, who wants to read it? --we don't know.  And that's a problem, or the problem, as far as we're concerned.  Who cares about "empire" and maybe even more, who thinks the Bible has anything useful to say about empire?  Others will have to answer the "who" question.

But is this book needed?  Think about it this way:  Why is the most "christian" nation in the world the biggest empire?  Thinking, if you didn't know, of the USA.

"Biggest" is not the only relevant modifier.  You've got to add "greediest,," "most violent" (where is there a bigger nuclear arsenal, military machine or military spending or globally deployed military?) and overtly committed to "full spectrum dominance" (land, sea and air, globally).

So why is this empire the most "christian" nation in the world?  Why are so many Bible reading and/or Bible believing christians flying the flag of this empire in their churches? Is the notion and practice of empire all that compatible with Jesus of Nazareth?

Our book addresses these questions.  You aren't going to read our book cover to cover. So you could start on page 219 and ask with us "Who is this man Jesus?"

What do you think?  Did Jesus fly a Roman flag on his car (or more likely his bicycle!)?  Send us your thoughts with the CONTACT button.