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Experience of a Vital World

by John K. Stoner  (June 20, 2017)

Still hoping to hear of reader’s experiences of transcendence, today I will share one reported by a young person.  In THE SPIRITUAL CHILD, Lisa Miller gives the account of a high school senior girl, Morgan, on a grueling hike with others up a glacial mountain.  Morgan writes:

I saw the water of the light on the glacier and the brightness and the beauty—it was like I could feel the beauty and I was part of it—and its really hard to describe, but it was like a real feeling.  It felt sacred.  And ever since then, when I’m stressed out or feeling really down in my mind I go bak to the mountain  I can take myself back to the mountain and that feeling is always there for me (p. 40). 

Miller says Morgan’s experience was “a transcendent experience to which she returns and which informs her view of a vital world.”

The reader will recognize that an “empire” view of the world does not see the world as living,or vital, but a commodity and resource for exploitation. 

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