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Who Has Been Touched by Goodness and Love?

by John K. Stoner (June 19, 2017)

The comment which was published in the last blog (Friday) ended this way:

“And so, to your question, ‘Do humans have a capacity for experience of transcendence, a spiritual capacity to touch goodness and love and to act on it?’—Yes, we have the capacity for the experience.  The capacity to act on it—probably—but I‘m still groping in the dark to find my way to that point.”

The human race as a whole is groping to find its way to that point of acting on its better nature and capacities.

That groping is our corporate search for an alternative to empire—an alternative to this disastrous effort to run the world by endless war, using homicidal violence to make things better.  All of these nuclear bombs, two of them dropped on civilian cities by the USA killing tens of thousands of people , and all of this individual terrorism, killing people by two and tens—is suppressing our human capacity for doing better.

And is it making things better?  Who could think so?  Only the deluded rich, who profit from war.

What I would like to hear from readers is more testimony to personal experience of goodness and love—the awareness that better is possible, and could be chosen as the way.

Please use the comment space below to tell a bit of your story, short or long.

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