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How Can We Become Aware?

by John K. Stoner  (June 22, 2017)

To summarize my blogs since June 6 on finding an alternative to the empire’s way of running (trying to run) the world with violent, dominating power, several points:
1.  Prior to my blogs, Berry’b blogs have been diagnosing and disclosing the futility and fraudulence of the Empire’s narrative of world events.

2.  I’ve said that there is another voice to be heard and another way to be taken—starting with some learning from Lisa Miller’s book THE SPIRITUAL CHILD:  The New Science on Parenting for Health and Lifelong Thriving.  The wars and environmental destruction and mindless capitalism/greedy wealth we are looking at in todays world is not “lifelong thriving,” am I right?

3.  As people, from childhood right up until where we each are today, we have an innate capacity to receive experiences of the beauty, goodness, and life-giving possibilities of the planet and universe. 

4.  Recognized, remembered, and appropriated for motivation and guidance, these experiences can be the foundation of human actions and responses to life which create alternatives to war, greed and environmental destruction. 

What I have started to probe, and invite your comments and input as I continue this exploration, is “How can we become aware of this neglected innate capacity for contact with the universe’s mystery of life and love?”

Lisa Miller’s book recounts the findings of science in the past 15+ years on our capacity for hearing this other voice; religion is another human project which has paid attention to this listening for millennia.  Spirituality is Miller’s word for naming this inborn capacity and proclivity.  Science, religion, spirituality—I invite you to walk with me in this creative exploration.  Use the comment function at the end of the blog to send your thoughts and experiences.  Talk to a friend about IF NOT EMPIRE, WHAT?, on the Bible’s exploration of an alternative to empire, and about our continuation of that journey on these blogs.  

Tomorrow, thoughts on the value of finding a partner, one serious, fun, interested fellow-traveler to make a team of two in this creative process.

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