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Seeking Your Comments, Any Signs of Life...

by John K. Stoner (June 13, 2017)

In the June 6 blog I introduced the new series I’m starting on our human capacity for a better-than-empire way of running the world. 

In the June 9 blog I asked to you consult your memory and your heart for your own experience, anytime in your life, of that capacity for spiritual awareness and energy.  I asked you to bring that experience to my next blog entry—so here we are!  Let’s think about it. 

Did you find anything in your experience like what I tried to describe last Friday?  Anything like Lisa Miller develops in THE SPIRITUAL CHILD, from which I drew on June 6?  (Take a moment to review those two blogs.)

Last Tuesday I asked, What if there is a major human capacity which is being denied, ignored, and disastrously underused to address the problems we face?  I said I believe that there is, and now I am wondering if you are helping me to prove my point!  Ha!  Indeed, have you located anything in your own life like what I asked you to look for?  Have you even looked for it?  Are you denying this capacity?  Ignoring it?  Most certainly underusing it?

Tell me you don’t know what I’m talking about.  Indeed, that is possible.  Would you take a moment to write your frustration…or just to tell me you don’t know and don’t care—I’m used to ignorance and apathy.  Am I trying to insult you, you ask, or just doing it without trying?  To be honest, I am trying to get a dialogue going.  We’ve made a change on this blog, now we have the capacity as well as the desire to post your comments.  So try it out—use the new comment function at the end of this post.  

Let’s talk about whether we think that humans have a capacity for experience of transcendence, a spiritual capacity to touch goodness and love and to act on it.  Let’s talk about whether you think that you have that capacity yourself— whether you have ever touched or been touched by mystery or love. 

Maybe it’s the voice of half the population I’m looking for here—the female half which is more in touch with heart and less fixated on head….

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