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Two Might Be Better Than One

by John K. Stoner (June 23, 2017)

Today I would just like to intrigue you with the idea of finding a partner to walk with you in this journey of awareness and active living.

The awareness I speak of is awareness of being part of something greater and good, some sense of awe before the grandness of the  created world and human relationships. 

The active living is creative engagement to address the ominous signs of decay and failure which mark our world today.

I suggest that another person who shares your caring, thinking, listening and acting could be a greater resource than you’d first suppose.

My friend and mentor in California, Dennis Rivers, is writing and experimenting with “teams of two” as a more democratic and inexpensive way of  mobilizing human resources for social change than most forms of “education” and “political action” which our society offers.  He asks, What if mortgaging your future to get an education, or joining a political party, are not actually the best ways to understand what is happening or to get involved in making something better happen?  

For today, let me just ask you to probe your memory for an experience or relationship with one other person that you found noticeably rewarding.  Have you ever discovered an insight or accomplished a task with the help of a partner?  Is there anything there which you are willing to share with other readers through the comment function below?

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