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The list on the right side of this (and other) pages names only the 15 or so most recent titles.  The "Blog” page accessed via the navigation bar at top of pages publishes posts in their entirety, but only the most recent 20 or so.

This page lists titles to all published posts; we call it the "Blog Archive." To read a specific post, simply click the link.


April 27  Why Are We Violent?
April 20 Who Wants the Real M.L. King?
April 13 Paying for War
April 9  Resurrection...of this man?
April 4  Father Charlie McCarthy on Martin Luther King
Mar. 28 Why Did Jesus Die?
Mar. 26 Robert Koehler Normalizing Violence
Mar. 8 Daniel Berrigan Part III Prophet in our Times
Mar. 5 Daniel Berrigan, Part 2--Order and Disorder
Mar. 2 Daniel Berrigan, Truth in Action
Feb. 5 This Blog is Taking a Rest
Jan. 29 Bob Koehler, Co-creating A Culture of Peace
Jan. 26 Ajamu Baraka, The Poor Peoples' Campaign
Jan. 23 William Barber and the Poor Peoples' Campaign

Jan. 19  Berry Friesen, Goodbye  (John)
Jan. 16  Tom Engelhardt on the American Empire (John)
Jan. 12 John Dear, Teacher of Nonviolence (John)
Jan. 9  Year of Nonviolence or Nonexistence-- John Dear  (John)
Jan. 5  Generals Speak on Human Flourishing (John)


Dec. 29  It's Hard to Believe (John)
Dec. 26  On Earth Peace (John)
Dec. 22  Christian Hope (Berry)
Dec. 15  The Nuclear Family (John)
Dec. 7   The Holy Family (John)
Nov. 20  The "Good News" According to Jesus (John)
Nov. 17  Musings on My Blog Plan  (John)
Nov. 13  "Reliable Sources" on World Affairs  (Berry)
Nov. 10  Courage to be A Conscientious Objector  (John)
Nov. 6   Creativity: Expression of Conscientious Objection   (John)
Nov. 3   Conscientious Objection: Humanity's Default Position (John)
Oct. 30  The Spirituality of Psalm 90    (Berry)
Oct. 27  Conscience, Creativity and Courage    (John)
Oct. 23  Grooming Us to Go Along    (Berry)
Oct. 20  Mass Shootings  (John)
Oct. 16  Peace and the Empire    (Berry)
Oct. 13  Communities of Nonviolence) (John)
Oct. 9    In These Times    (Berry)
Oct. 5    Simple Living  (John)
Oct. 2    Culture-changing Power    (Berry)
Sept.29  Choosing Community  (John)
Sept.25  Empire  Watch    (Berry)
Sept.22  Communities to Change Everything  (John)
Sept.18  Fixing America?    (Berry)
Sept.15  White Supremacy, Anyone? American Supremacy, Everyone?    (John)
Sept.11  Faking It    (Berry)
Sept. 7   A Season of Humiliation    (Berry)
Sept. 4   Finding an Answer    (Berry)
Aug.31  Celebrating Syria    (Berry)
Aug.28  The Color of Empire?    (Berry)
Aug.24  Unspeakable Truth    (Berry)
Aug.21  Me Against the World     (Berry)
Aug.15  Take a Stand! Escalate!    (Berry)
Aug.11  August Reflections    (Berry)
Aug. 7   Targeting Russia    (Berry)
July 28  Getting a Grip    (Berry)
July 24  World Without Borders (Berry)
July 10  Greater Good     (John)
July 7    Behavior That Reduces Conflict    (John)
July 6   Here's How It Happens    (John)
July 5    Both Greed and Generosity are Learned Behaviors    (John)
July 4    Our World is Changed by Love   (John)
July 3    We Are Changed By Love    (John)
June 30   A Coin Always Has Both Heads and Tails    (John)
June 29   What is Possible? What is Desirable?    (John)
June 28   From Rock Sitting to Neuroscientist   (John)
June 27  Who Has Shaped Us?    (John)
June 26  Finding Help For Thinking New Thoughts   (John)
June 23  Two Might Be Better Than One  (John)
June 22  How Can We Become Aware?     (John)
June 21  All Is Well   (John)
June 20 Experience of a Vital World   (John)
June 19  Who Has Been Touched by the Power of Goodness and Love?  (John)
June 16  To Feel the Power of the Universe    (John)
June 12  Seeking your Comments, Any Sign of Life...  (John)
June 9   A Spiritual Experience?    (John)
June 6  "Is Empire the Only Way"    (John)
June 2   "Our Sin Problem"    (Berry and John)
May 30 "Peace 'Plus' in Syria"    (Berry)
May 26 "Talking About Terrorism"    (Berry)
May 23 "Persuaded by Saudi Arabia?"    (Berry)
May 19 "Battle of the Titans"    (Berry)
May 16 "The Truth About Ukraine"    (Berry)
May 12 "Imperial Privilege"    (Berry)
May 9   "Korean Apocalypse?"    (Berry)
May 5   "Trading Our Birthright"    (Berry)
May 2   "Stages of Evil"    (Berry)
Apr. 29 "Surprises in Poland"    (Berry)
Apr. 25 "Why Church?"    (John)
Apr. 20 "Speaking About War"    (Berry)
Apr. 16 "Is Life Before Death Possible?"    (John)
Apr. 14 "Why Did Jesus Die?"    (John)
Apr. 10 "Jesus:  King or Prophet?"    (John)
Apr.  6  "'No' to Attacking Syria"    (Berry)
Apr.  4  "A Biblical Faith"    (Berry)
Mar.31 "Festering and Rotting"    (Berry)
Mar.28 "Wisdom from Ray McGovern"    (Berry)
Mar.24 "Denying Ourselves Empire?"    (Berry)
Mar.21 "Trump's Middle East Strategy"    (Berry)
Mar.17 "The Benedict Option"    (Berry)
Mar.14 "Candidly Speaking"    (Berry)
Mar.10 "America's Deep State"    (Berry)
Mar. 7  "The Enemy of My Enemy"    (Berry)
Mar. 3  "A Clean Slate"    (Berry)
Feb.28 "Paul's Alternative to Empire"    (Berry)
Feb.24 "HOPE"    (Berry)
Feb.21 "Rx from Dr. King"    (Berry)
Feb.17 "Missing Links in Lancaster"    (Berry)
Feb.14 "This Window of Opportunity"    (Berry)
Feb.10 "What Resistance Means"    (Berry)
Feb. 7  "With or Without Lipstick?"     (Berry)
Feb. 3  "Last, Worst Hope?"    (Berry)
Jan. 31 "Et Tu Trump?    (Berry)
Jan. 27 "Trump's Shock-and-Awe"    (Berry)
Jan. 24 "Describing Our Symptoms"    (Berry)
Jan. 20 "A Better Politics"    (Berry)
Jan. 16 "The Opportunity of this Moment"    (Berry)
Jan. 13 "Call to Protect All People"    (John)
Jan. 11 "Not in Kansas Anymore"    (Berry)
Jan. 5   "The Russian Threat?"    (Berry)
Jan. 1   "A Fresh Start"    (Berry)


Dec. 29 "Seven Generations"    (Berry)
Dec. 26 "What the Fuss is About"    (Berry)
Dec. 19 "The 'Fall of Aleppo'?"    (Berry)
Dec. 13 "Where I Went Wrong"     (Berry)
Dec. 6   "Trump's Fake News"    (Berry)
Dec.1    "Fake News"    (Berry)
Nov. 26 "America First?"    (Berry)
Nov. 22 "Begin With Honesty"    (Berry)
Nov. 15 "Stars to Steer By"    (Berry)
Nov. 10 "Election Shocker"    (Berry)
Nov. 8   "The Judgment of God?"    (Berry)
Nov. 4   "Election Day Communion"    (Berry)
Oct. 31  "Biblical Bias"    (Berry)
Oct. 24  "Voting Constructively"    (Berry)
Oct. 17  "Clinton the Imperialist"    (Berry)
Oct. 10  "Electing an Anti-Christ"    (Berry)
Oct. 4    "Going Tribal (2)"    (Berry)
Sept. 30 "Fact-checking the Empire"    (Berry)
Sept. 26 "A Hunger for Authenticity"    (Berry)
Sept. 20 "The Empire at Work"    (Berry)
Sept. 13 "Going Tribal"     (Berry)
Sept. 7   "Picking Our Poison?"    (Berry)
Sept. 1   "Heads Up on 9/11 Conspiracies"    (Berry)
Aug. 23  "Our Existential Choice"    (Berry)
Aug. 15  "A Stateless Politics - Part 2"    (Berry)
Aug.10   "Is Trump's Candidacy a Covert Op?"    (Berry)
July 21   "Conspiracy Watch"    (Berry)
July 14   "So Sweet and Such a Mess"    (Berry Friesen)
July 12   "Making Lies Come True"    (Berry)
July 5     "A Stateless Politics"    (Berry)
June 29   "Brexit:  Sowing and Reaping"    (Berry)
June 24   "Whoring with Bush and Obama"    (Berry)
June 16   "What Lesson from Orlando?"    (Berry)
June 8     "Our Hypnotic Trance"    (Berry)
May 31   "A Dog in This Fight?"     (Berry)
May 25   "Ask the Question"    (Berry)
May 19   "The Spirituality of Psalm 103"    (Berry)
May 12   "Evangelical Stumble"    (Berry)
May 5     "Neutered Truth"    (Berry)
April 28  "The Way of Jesus"    (Berry)
April 22  "Which Fork in the Road?"    (Berry)
April 19  "This Spirit of Craziness"    (Berry)
April 13  "The Conquest of Us?"    (Berry)
April 6    "Empire's Ways and Means"    (Berry)
Mar. 27   "The Love of God?"    (Berry)
Mar. 21  "What Sort of Savior?"    (Berry)
Mar. 16  "Not Wasting an Election Year"    (Berry)
Mar. 12  "Why Dad Voted Republican"    (Berry)
Mar. 8    "Bad, Bad, Donald Trump"    (Berry)
Mar. 4    "A Kinder, Gentler Empire?"    (Berry)
Feb. 26   "Will the Church 'Act Urgently' For Syria?"    (Berry)
Feb. 22   "The Faith of Jesus (2)"    (Berry)
Feb. 18   "Syria's Ultimate Deciders"    (Berry)
Feb. 13   "The Propaganda Blitz on Syria"    (Berry)
Feb. 9    "Why Bother With Church?"     (Berry)
Feb. 5    "Tragic or by Design?"    (Berry)
Feb. 1    "What 'Empire' Adds"    (Berry)
Jan. 26   "This Teachable Moment"    (Berry)
Jan. 23   "Trump's Islamophobia"    (Berry)
Jan. 19   "A Rich Man to Save Us"    (Berry)
Jan. 15   "Believe in the Same God?"    (John)
Jan. 12   "25 Years of Dishonesty"    (Berry)
Jan. 8     "Who Supports Trump?"    (Berry)
Jan. 5     "Terrorism as an Investment"     (Berry)
Jan. 1     "A World-to-Come"    (Berry)


Dec. 29   "It is what it is?"    (Berry)
Dec. 23   "Unto Us a Child"    (Berry)
Dec. 19   "Why the Empire Needs Terrorism"    (Berry)
Dec. 15   "The Skepticism of the Wise"    (Berry)
Dec. 10   "Doubing San Bernardino"    (Berry)
Dec. 7     "Obama's Dishonesty, Trump's Demagogy"    (Berry)
Dec. 2     "Media Terrorism?"    (Berry)
Nov. 28   "Is This Incompetence?"    (Berry)
Nov. 24   "Reframing Daesh, Syria"    (Berry)
Nov. 18   "Speaking Good News"    (John)
Nov. 14   "Being Good News"    (John)
Nov. 14  "What is the Islamic State?"    (Berry)
Nov. 10  "The Last to Notice?"    (Berry)
Nov. 5   "Violence at the Center?"    (Berry)
Oct. 31   "Virtually Christian"    (Berry)
Oct. 27   "Syria Watch"    (Berry)
Oct. 22   "Careless Blindness"    (Berry)
Oct. 18   "Willful Blindness"    (Berry)
Oct. 13   "What Next in Syria?"    (Berry)
Oct. 9     "Courage to Name It?"    (Berry)
Oct. 6     "Against Inherited Sanity"    (John)
Sept. 29  "Remember How This Started"    (Berry)
Sept. 22  "Francis' Ethic of Life"    (Berry)
Sept. 16  "Idolatry American Style"    (Berry)
Sept. 11  "A Look in the 9/11 Mirror"    (Berry)
Sept. 7    "Do Something in Syria?"    (Berry)
Sept. 3    "Paul Interprets Jesus"    (Berry)
Aug. 30  "God Isn't the Problem"    (Berry)
Aug. 25  "A Way, Not a Status"    (Berry)
Aug. 18  "Jonah Back From the Dead"    (Berry)
Aug. 12  "Making Our Stand"    (Berry)
Aug. 8   "The Opportunities of Empire"    (Berry)
Aug. 4   "Love Amid the Bleakness"     (Berry)
July 31  "Why We Wrote This Book"  (Berry)
July 27  "Chasing After the Wind"    (Berry)
July 20  "Before 9/11, 8/6 and 8/9"    (John)
July 14  "ISIS:  The Empire's Proxy Army"    (Berry)
July 10  "Why Quote the Bible?"    (Berry)
July 3    "A Look Behind the Curtain"    (Berry)
June 30  "Millions Dead and Counting"    (Berry)
June 25  "Bad News for Whom?"     (Berry)
June 21  "Acceptance and Resistance in Community"    (John)
June 16  "Thou Shalt Not Be Cynical!"   (Berry)
June 12  "Our Sin Problem"    (John and Berry)
June 8   "The Good in All People"    (John)
June 3    “Good and Bad People?”    (John)
May 29  “Breaking from the Empire”    (Berry)
May 23  “Hyping Fear”    (Berry)
May 18  “Dualistic Thinking in the Bible"    (Berry)
May 14  “The Imperial Scam”    (Berry)
May 11  “The First Testament, Chronologically”    (Berry)
May 5    “Mother’s Day as Anti-imperialism Day?”    (John)
May 3    “Jesus’ Return”     (Berry)
Apr. 27  “Deception or Complexity?”    (Berry)
Apr. 22  “The Resurrection of Jesus”    (Berry)
Apr. 14  “Want to Delegitimize the Empire?”    (Berry)
Apr. 10  “Teaching Ourselves to Believe Lies”     (Berry)
Apr. 6    “Why So Pessimistic?”     (Berry)
Apr. 2    “Did Jesus Have a Jerusalem Plan?”    (John)
Mar. 29 “The David-and-Solomon Distraction”    (Berry)
Mar. 25 “On Taking the Name of Jesus in Vain”    (John)
Mar. 21 “The Faith of Jesus”    (Berry)
Mar. 17 “That Annoying Word—Empire”    (Berry)
Mar. 13 “What Kind of Power?”    (Berry)
Mar. 9   “Reading the Bible Politically”    (Berry)
Mar. 4   “Jesus Saves?  Saves What?”    (John)
Feb. 28  “The Empire’s God-like Power”    (Berry)
Feb. 24  “Patience and Resistance”    (John)
Feb. 20  “What Clash of Civilizations?”    (Berry)
Feb. 16  “Did Jesus Spiritualize Israel’s Message?”    (John)
Feb. 11  “What Jesus Did Not Change”    (Berry)
Feb. 7    “What Jesus Changed”    (Berry)
Feb. 3    “What is the Kingdom of God?”     (John)
Jan. 29   “Empire’s Salvation Story (Part 2)”    (Berry)
Jan. 25   “Empire’s Salvation Story”    (Berry)
Jan. 22   “Communities of What?”    (John)
Jan. 17   “The Stories We Live By (Part 2)”     (Berry) 
Jan. 9“   "The Stories We Live By”    (Berry)
Jan. 4     “Doomed by Hope?”    (Berry)

Dec. 22  “Thoughts about Christmas in a Time of War (John)